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American Pets Alive!

In 2011, Austin Pets Alive! made sharing their life saving programs with others a top priority. APA! created American Pets Alive! in order to show other communities how to create & manage the innovative No Kill Programs that helped make Austin the largest No Kill Community in the country.

AmPA! hosts a yearly conference where rescue groups & shelters from all over the nation learn directly from APA! staff & volunteers, & experts of the national No kill Community. AmPA! also provides guidance & information on all programs & critical steps to take for their community to become a No Kill City.

Our Mission – Create a No Kill Nation. 

American Pets Alive! Program (AmPA!) – www.americanpetsalive.org – The American Pets Alive! (AmPA!) Conference is a forum to share the strategies, practices, and programs that Austin implemented to increase the saving of companion animals in the city shelter.  In 2007, the save rate was approximately 50% in 2007; in 2016, the save rate has increased to more than 95%.  Austin has saved more that 90% of the homeless pets entering the city shelter during the last six years.
Rescue group representatives, animal advocates, animal shelter staff and management, and volunteers from across the nation attend this conference to learn how to achieve similar results.  They intend to increase their lifesaving dramatically and are looking for answers.
Our attendees have different reasons for attending.  Some attend to learn about specific programs designed to save animals at the highest risk of euthanasia in the shelter:  bottle baby kittens, parvo puppies, and dogs and cats with behavioral and medical issues (ringworm, FIV/FELV, mange).
Others come with the belief that their situation is unique in its struggles and frustrations.  Meeting others, with similar circumstances, from across the nation, brings a realization that they are part of a larger collective fighting for a cause greater than themselves.
The AmPA! conference provides an outline for success (and the struggles attendees will encounter as they embark on the journey) and also provides the realization that change can occur with few resources.  Attendees can tour our shelter on the last day of the conference, and watch our programs in action.

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