A picture is worth a thousand meows.  The right photo, that is. The difference between a blurry cage pic and an artfully crafted image could mean life and death for shelter pets, and capturing that great image is within reach! At the 2014 American Pets Alive! No-Kill Conference this weekend, Bernie Lofaso will teach you how to set up the right picture so cats get adopted based on looks alone (of course we require people to meet them and get to know them too!).  A great picture is essential for getting people to really “see” that cat.

Bernie Lofaso is a retired engineer and computer programmer. His love of photography began in 1993 and blossomed with the advent of digital photography in the late-90s. He began taking photos of cats in 2012 while volunteering for Street Cat Rescue, a local TNR organization. Bernie joined Austin Pets Alive! in August of 2013 as a volunteer and began the challenging task of photographing APA cats for their website shortly afterward. He is currently involved with upkeep of the main APA cattery, photography of off-site and on-site APA cats,  and investigating ways of automating some of APA’s data handling needs. He is owned by 4 cats but has not yet been successful in convincing his veterinarian that “the herd” merits a group discount.

Haven’t registered yet? Visit www.americanpetsalive2014.eventbrite.com now for more info and registration!

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