Bob is a long-time resident of Austin who currently works as a consulting engineer for Zephyr Environmental Corporation here in town. When not doing that, he is liable to be working on one project or another for APA!. Prior to his current job, Bob was an environmental engineer and project manager working for Austin Energy for 22 years before he retired from the City of Austin.

While at Austin Energy, Bob designed/managed quite a few projects at the various power plants and electrical substations all over Austin. Prior to that, he was a naval officer and was assigned to surface ships ranging from small to large. He even did a tour working with the Marines at Camp LeJeune before he left the navy. While in the navy, Bob had a chance to travel extensively and has traveled to over 25 countries.

Bob has a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from good old University of Texas here in town. He gained a lot of his craft skills from his dad while growing up, as well as learning from all of the craftspeople that have worked on the various projects he has been responsible for.

Bob has only recently begun helping APA! out with their needs such as the building of the cattery and fixing the drainage issue with the ring-worm ward, but is eagerly anticipating many more over the next few months and years.

 He will be presenting with Bruce Walker on building catteries in local stores on a dime and with basic tool/building knowledge. Join us!

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