Jasmine Erdener graduated from the University of Texas in 2008 and spent two years in France teaching English and completing a Master’s degree in Lyon.  She began working at a law firm upon her return to Austin in 2011, and began fostering cats with Austin Pets Alive’s cat fostering program at the beginning of 2013.  She decided to change directions and left the law firm in the summer of 2013 as she became more involved with APA’s cat foster team as a Cat Foster Coordinator.  In the fall she began working as the Cat Foster Manager with Catherine Petersen.  She is inspired by the tireless work and dedication from the volunteers and staff who keep APA running smoothly and saving lives!

Catherine is originally from New York where she worked for the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation and graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Child Psychology from Empire State College. After she graduated, she and Mike Kaviani moved to Austin where they are both employed by Austin Pets Alive! Currently, Catherine is one of the Cat Foster Managers at APA and is attending graduate school for her Master’s Degree in Psychology. She loves working with Jasmine and Austin Pets Alive! to save the lives of cats that are at risk of euthanasia by finding them foster homes.

The movement between various wards (Ringworm, Bottle Baby), the clinic, the cattery and foster homes, these ladies juggle cats all day and take it all in stride. They are constantly looking for ways to improve existing systems and streamline the communication process between all entities, and are thrilled to tell you how you save exponentially more by building up your foster network and increasing efficiency at the 2014 American Pets Alive No-Kill Conference this weekend! Visit www.americanpetsalive2014.eventbrite.com for more info and registration.

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