San Antonio is making major strides in the effort to become a No-Kill city.  Sitting at a 5% save rate in 2004,  the city decided to put their tragic past behind them, enroll the community in their new mission, and be determined to change.  In 2011 they achieved a 30% save rate followed by 80% in 2013.  And they’re not done!  With Kathy Davis, Director of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services, along with the community and several other city departments, they are making 90% a very near goal.

Kathy Davis is an animal lover through and through and has dedicated her career to looking out for homeless animals in municipal shelters from serving as Assistant Department Manager of the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services to the Executive Director of the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation, the brainchild of actress Katherine Heigl who is dedicated to animal welfare, to her current position.  In this session, come hear how Council, the  Deputy City Manager, the city’s Innovation Department, and ACS embrace new ideas, enroll their city, and work toward No-Kill with an ever-growing free roaming dog population.

Kathy Davis and many other local, state and national leaders in no-kill will be in Austin, Texas NEXT WEEK for the 2014 American Pets Alive No-Kill Conference. Register now to grab one of the last few tickets!

written by Stephanie Carroll


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