375705_10152151949144066_633733311_nLindsay Henderson has been working in animal welfare since 2008, but in 2010 she moved to Austin, Texas and joined ranks with APA! as an adoption counselor with the organization’s dog adoption program, quickly rising to a management position within a year.

As the Dog Adoption Manager, she has taken dog adoption at Austin Pets Alive from a guerrilla, fly by the seat of your pants effort to an organized, well oiled machine that boasts thousands of dog adoptions each year – and sometimes as many as 117 in 5 days (see: the last week of 2013).¬†She has helped develop new animal care and adoption protocols at Town Lake Animal Center as well as off-site adoption centers and revamped APA’s dog team with her own approaches toward staff morale and retention, animal care, promotions, and general development of the program.

unnamedAt Austin Pets Alive, you may find Lindsay juggling hundreds of intakes, including their medical and behavioral notes, in a mud pit helping the cleaning crew unclog a drain, bleaching the walk in cooler, or helping a potential adopter find a new member of their family. One thing you will not see – Lindsay being negative or discouraged. She is an unstoppable beam of light and has the resourcefulness and general awesomeness to follow through on her optimism.

Outside of her work, Lindsay maintains her devotion to animals by caring for her two rescue dogs, Rusty and Arugula, and tearing up the banked tracks with the Putas del Fuego of the TXRD (local roller derby team). Check her out in person and get practical knowledge about growing your shelter to handle the intake that Austin Pets Alive! handles on a yearly basis. Register now: www.americanpetsalive2014.eventbrite.com



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