Mike Martinez had an illustrious career in public service in Austin, Texas. After a 13 year career fighting fires, he became President of the Austin Firefighters Association. In 2006, he decided to join the city council so he could fight more than just fires.

Dedicated to his community, he consistently works to advance issues for the working people of our community. He strives to ensure that Austin maintains its strong arts and music culture, enhance public safety, improve animal welfare through education and advocacy, and improve quality of life and availability of affordable housing city-wide.

The Austin City Council was instrumental in getting no-kill passed and achieved in Austin and Martinez, the current Place 2 Austin City Council Member, has been a champion for No-kill since the get go.

Unaware of the startling euthanasia rates in Austin’s animal shelters, he began listening to no-kill advocates and soon became the frontrunner for the no-kill city ordinance, which was passed in March 2010. Ever since, Mike Martinez has been an enormous help in opening the eyes of city officials and Austinites alike to the creative and innovative solutions no-kill advocates have to offer. Whether it be for feral cats, blocky headed dogs, or dogs infected with parvovirus, Martinez has jumped on board with programs aimed to help hardest-to-place, “at-risk” animals.

Mike Martinez has been a key figure in connecting Austin Pets Alive! with the City of Austin and helping the community reach leaders and affect change. His support has created a collaborative effort among Austin’s No-kill rescue organizations and city officials, which has been an essential element in achievingmike1 Austin’s status as the largest No-kill city in the nation. 

When he isn’t crusading for Austin’s animal and human populations alike, he loves to spend time with his wife Laura Wendler and sons Alejandro and Diego. He is a long term, proud resident of East Austin, where he lives with his family and pooch, Chucho. Mike fell in love with Chucho at a Sweetbarks event, the last of a litter of 9. Mike and Chucho love that Chucho has so many siblings, because that means impromptu family reunions on the jogging trail!

Come hear Mike talk about how to communicate issues effectively to a diverse audience to enact change at the 2014 American Pets Alive! No-Kill Conference! www.americanpetsalive.eventbrite.com. See you there!




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