ilsxr4q84u6bljn4hyidMichael Kitkoski of Rockwall Pets is spearheading No Kill efforts in the Dallas area. After convincing the Rockwall city council to pass a unanimous No Kill resolution in 2011, save rates increased to as high as 99%. Following an initiative by Rockwall Pets in 2012, the Royse City city manager declared a moratorium on killing at the city’s shelter, making all of Rockwall County a No Kill zone. Michael was awarded the Henry Bergh Leadership Award from the No Kill Advocacy Center in 2011.

Rockwall Pets has taken two municipal open-admission shelters to No-Kill in Rockwall County. Each shelter required a different tactic.

Mike whole heartedly believes there is more than one way to get it done. At the 2014 American Pets Alive No-Kill Conference, you will hear several case studies and learn from multiple communities that are making no-kill a reality across America. The important take home message is no matter how you achieve it, you never resort to killing.


We at American Pets Alive! cannot wait to provide a forum for local and national leaders like Mike to tell you how it’s possible to convince a shelter to go No-Kill as a volunteer on the inside, as a rescue group from the outside, or by being a consultant to other communities.

Register now for the 2014 American Pets Alive! No-Kill Conference:

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