American Pets Alive!

Making America No-Kill


Making Austin the largest No-Kill community in the country was not an easy road for APA!, but with their “taking the bull by the horns” method it happened in just a matter of a few years. Now, imagine making AMERICA No-Kill?! Yes, the US-of-A a No-Kill nation!


After APA!’s huge victory back in 2011, they were bombarded with emails filled with a million questions, phone calls wondering how they manage their top notch programs and requests for tours of the facility. Grassroots communities and rescue organizations from all over the country were wanting to know how they can be exactly like APA! and stop the unnecessary killing of companion animals. That is when American Pets Alive! (AmPA!) was founded and based solely off of a handful of dedicated volunteers.


APA! decided to make sharing their life saving programs with others a top priority. They created AmPA! in order to show other communities how to create and manage the same programs that helped make Austin No-Kill. AmPA!’s real goal? Making America No-Kill!


The real question was: How are we to reach millions of animal activists to adopt our methods? Simple! Host a 3-day National Conference where attendees can learn directly from APA! staff volunteers and experts of the National No-Kill Community. AmPA! has had Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Ryan Clinton and Ron Fletcher (leaders in the No-Kill movement) attend as guest speakers to speak out on how they got started on the path to No-Kill.


The guest speakers aren’t the only notable attraction, but the various seminars throughout the 3 days is the backbone of the event. Attendees will have the option to follow any of the following tracks:


Since 2011, the event has grown to hosting over 300 attendees, having support from major Animal Welfare organizations (such as Maddie’s Fund and Best Friends Animal Society) and for the first time hiring a full time person as the AmPA! Coordinator, Margot McClelland.


Margot’s previous experience as a Director of Development at Palm Valley Animal Center in South Texas and is familiar with the challenges of a small “startup” organization. She was responsible for not only fundraising, but for the Marketing Department, Social Media, Foster, Volunteer and Educational Programs. Within less than a year, her hard work more than doubled their following on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Doubled adoptions, tripled foster families and volunteers. She was also responsible for two original and wildly successful fundraising events that were made part of Palm Valley’s yearly schedule.


This year we anticipate the 2016 AmPA! No-Kill National Conference to be the best yet to come. AmPA! is still in the early stages of planning for 2016 and we are currently looking for sponsors to donate, volunteers who would like to help in any way possible and possible rescue organizations to attend.


We know the road to making America No-Kill will be arduous. But, if it’s one thing about APA! or AmpA! is we never back down from a challenge. We know there is a problem in America and it is our mission to fix it. Our efforts won’t go unnoticed and every year we know we are one step closer to creating a No-Kill nation!



For more information on the 2016 AmPA! No-Kill National Conference email Margot McClelland at email hidden; JavaScript is required or call 512-568-1552.

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