Cat videos. Man’s best friend.  Our pets’ love has made us better people and provide us with endless hours of entertainment.  This source of unconditional love has inspired many of us to open our hearts to rescue pets.  Yet still too many homeless pets, about 1 in 3 won’t get their second chance to inspire a human to be better.  In 2007, Austin had similar numbers.  In 2017, Austin is providing second chances to over 96% of the animals coming through the city shelter.  The city has been saving over 90% of its homeless pets for over six years now.   But Austin’s different, right?  After all, it’s motto is “Keep Austin Weird.”  Critics called the success a fluke.  Dr. Ellen Jefferson, Austin Pets Alive! Executive Director, set out to prove the critics wrong by founding San Antonio Pets Alive.  San Antonio, Texas called “the worst place to be a homeless pet” in 2004.  The first year of San Antonio Pets Alive, the percentage of animals getting new homes rose from 30% to 85% [check numbers]. This proved the strategies and programs used to save lives are scalable across different communities.   The biggest obstacles we face in life-saving are two fold:
  1. Belief -  The obstacles can seem overwhelming, but we can do it.
  2. Lack of knowledge - In some cases, we have the motivation, but not the knowledge.  We have the why but not the how.
  The American Pets Alive! Conference can help with both.  We’ve developed our conference to share the specific programs to target the animals most at-risk in the shelter:   bottle baby kittens, parvo puppies, and dogs and cats with behavioral and medical issues (ringworm, FIV/FELV, mange).   We’ll share strategies on how to help animals in the community stay with their families, find them alternatives to the shelter, and embracing ways to get them homes quicker.  Please join us. Please spread the word.  Sign up today at: www.americanpetsalive.org.   AmPA!’s seventh annual conference is September 23rd through the 25th, 2017, at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown on Middle Fiskville Road.       About American Pets Alive The American Pets Alive! (AmPA!) program of Austin Pets Alive! provides the strategies, practices,and programs Austin implemented to give a second chance for the dogs and cats at the city animal shelter.  In 2007, Austin was saving approximately 50% of the animals in the shelter.   In 2016, the percentage has increased to more than 96%, nearly doubling.     Austin has saved more that 90% of the homeless pets entering the city shelter during the last six years.   We’ll teach you how.  Attend.  Build your No Kill community.  Let’s do this.   To learn more about American Pets Alive!  Follow us on Facebook at:  https://www.facebook.com/americanpetsalive   Follow American Pets Alive on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ampetsalive