Just One Day (justoneday.ws) is a national event held every June 11 that brings shelters all over America together to focus on engaging with their local community to promote adoption (with over 1500 shelters this year). The shelters then team up with the media, rescuers, volunteers and adopters with the goal of sending them home with their new families.

If they can do it for just one day, they can start on the road to doing day after day. There are some great successes on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Just1Day

If you’d like this for your community, join us this November. We’ll cover strategies and programs that can help turn just one day into everyday from people who have been there and achieved it. – http://ow.ly/Po1P301bfPN

If your shelter didn’t participate this year, they can still sign up next year. Together we can get to a No Kill Nation.

Thanks to Just One Day, No Kill Nation and all of the pledge shelters, rescuers, volunteers and adopters for working together to save lives. ‪ We’re better together.

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