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 The following information is instrumental in implementing No-Kill practices in your own shelter or city

Austin Pets Alive! Bylaws and Information

How APA! Got Started in Austin & The Ultimate No Kill Implementation Plan

Barn Cat Program : The purpose of this program is to provide adoption placement for feral cats that would not be adopted, placed in Trap Neuter Return and would otherwise be euthanized. These cats are sterilized, vaccinated, microchipped, and adopted to families who appreciate “working cats” for critter patrol and can provide a safe, appropriate environment such as a barn, stable, garage, or warehouse.

Bottle Baby Program : This program is created to feed and treat orphaned & unweaned kittens that would other been euthanized. This nursery fills the gap in the shelter community that is necessary to save the lives of thousands of kittens each year.

Dog Foster Program : An in depth look at APA!’s dog foster program. Fostering is a temporary living situation for pets in our program while they are awaiting placement in a permanent home or to move into one of our overnight adoption programs.

Parvo Ward:Provides shelter & treatment for puppies with Parvovirus that would otherwise be euthanized. Puppies that contract Parvovirus are placed in quarantine, maintaining cross contamination protocol and providing consistent care to puppies that have contracted the Parvovirus.

Positive Alternative to Shelter Surrender (PASS) Program : The  program provides individual consultation, education, troubleshooting, and financial support to Central Texans in need so that they have the option to care for or keep their pets rather than surrender their dogs and cats to the city and county shelters in Central Texas.


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