From one of our speakers and transformative leaders, Ann Lindholm.


Dear Friends,


The time has come for me to “retire again” so I am announcing my departure from the APA! Dog Foster (DF) Manager role.  The good news is that the amazing Danica Kubick, our Asst. DF Manager, will be moving into this position and we will be hiring a new Asst. DF Manager. (Here is a link to the DF Asst. Manager Job Description and instructions on how to apply ).
The Dog Foster program will be in good hands with Danica’s leadership and the support of the incredible DF team of staff and volunteers who all work very hard to save more dogs every day.

Almost nine years ago I joined this amazing organization and because of the generosity of this community and the commitment of hundreds of volunteers and a few (almost volunteer!) staff, we were able to finally become a no-kill community in 3 years. Partnering with the Austin Animal Center and other rescue organizations and shelters, no dog or cat now dies in Austin just because they don’t have a home. We continue to expand our impact by sharing our life saving programs via our American Pets Alive! Conference and consulting (To learn more please come to my workshop on “Creating and Growing a Dog Foster Program” at this year’s conference – and be sure to say hello!).


It has truly been the privilege of a lifetime to work alongside Dr. Ellen Jefferson and be a part of transforming Austin into the largest no-kill community in the country – one precious, deserving animal at a time. I am not leaving APA!, I hope that “retiring” will free up my time to continue volunteering and to help APA! share it’s mission and expertise with others until there is a companion animal in every home and a home for every companion animal!


Ann Lindholm


APA! Dog Foster Manager
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